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I would like to formally welcome you to the new Soloist guild site. Yay!!! We are under new management Sir AZNBill has taken the seat as our fearless Leader accompanying him is our vary own Silverdragon his second in command. The change may have been swift but it not enough for stop us we may be Soloist but we are still a family bond by honor.

Soloist was originally created in 2008 by Penebell. The guild's original intent was to help new users through a mentor/student system using senior members over members. Over time, the guild's way of doing this may have changed, but the original intent was never forgotten.

Throughout the years, our guild has progressed to become something like a family. We try to take members who will stay with the guild through thick and thin. Though we may be a "soloist," we never really are alone. We have a guild to rely and depend on when times are tough.

However, even when we help each other, it is up to our members to shine their greatest. As new possibilities open for our guildmembers, we hope they try to obtain those possibilities by themselves. We are not going to baby you and hold your hand, we're going to try to push you to do your best so that the reward feels so much better.

If you feel like you need a guild who has to help you out every second, this may not be the guild for you. But if you want a guild who will support you and encourage you to do greater, then Soloist just might be that place.

So what'cha waiting for? Come on and join the family! =)

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